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Second Annual Conference: Vertical Family Relations: Law, practices and policies

1.-3. November 2019

Lagt online: 30.11.2018

The Second Annual FamLaPP Conference, 1–3 November 2019

Following up on the First FamLapp Conference, we are now announcing the Second Annual FamLaPP Conference to be held in the Institute of Law, Aalborg University on 1 through 3 November 2019 (Friday through Sunday, arrival late Thursday, departure Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon for those attending the PhD / Post Doc. workshop). This FamLaPP conference is supported by the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the humanities and social sciences. 

The chosen theme of the second conference is Vertical Family Relations: Law, Practices, and Policies. As always in FamLaPP context, we are coming from a legal point of departure, and we are aiming for broad, cross-disciplinary perspectives and conversations. 

• The first day of the conference will host papers with various perspectives on vertical family relations. 

• The second day will focus specifically on relations between children and grandparents in contemporary (Nordic) family practices. The papers from this section of the program are candidates for being included in a FamLaPP series volume of collected works: Grandparents in Family Life: Practices, Law, Policies.

• As with the First Annual Conference, the concluding day will feature a PhD/Post Doc. seminar, where junior scholars in the field have the opportunity to present their work and to receive qualified feedback from experts in the field.



The program will feature key-note presentations by professor Clare Huntington, Fordham University, New York and director Teresa Drake, Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic, University of Florida.



We cordially welcome scholars throughout the Nordic countries (and beyond) working with issues relevant to family life (within disciplines like law studies, family studies, sociology, political science, cultural studies). In particular, we encourage scholars able to speak to the issue of practices of family life to participate.


Call for papers

A final call for papers will be issued later. Preliminarily, we would like to announce the we are going to be open to all proposals on vertical family relations from  A presentation could be based in disciplines such as law, sociology, political science, social anthropology, or cultural history – and it should include a focus on current family law, family practices, and/or family policies. 

    Do you wish to contribute to the planned book Grandparents in Family Life: Practices, Law, Policies (editors Marianne Holdgaard et al.)? Or do you know of someone who should be contributing. Please write directly to prof. Holdgaard (marianne@law.aau.dk). 



For contributors to the conference, we shall be covering all local costs, and we may be able to contribute towards covering travel costs for some contributors. All other contributors will need to cover their own costs. We may assist in acquiring housing and travel arrangements.