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Edward T. Canuel

Edward T. Canuel

Honorary Professor

E-mail: ecanuel@law.aau.dk

The Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, AAU has appointed Dr. Edward T. Canuel as Honorary Professor for a period of 5 years. Dr. Canuel is already appointed as honorary professor at American University (Washington) and Aarhus University. Canuel is serving as U.S. diplomat in the Federal Administration. He has previously served as the State Department Visiting Professor at West Point Military Academy.  Dr. Canuel's research focuses on Arctic law, sustainability, and energy law and publications include Duke, the University of Texas, Georgetown, Oxford, and Ashgate Press.  Dr. Canuel holds a B.A. from Boston College, a Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School, a Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall, and a Ph.D. from the University of Oslo. 

The appointment of Dr. Canuel as Honorary Professor/Adjunct Professor runs for at 5 year period from 2018 to 2022.