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FamLaPP Objectives

FamLaPP Objectives

Members of our research cluster engage in the following overarching research strategies:

1) Mapping concepts of family – similarities, inconsistencies and possible conflicts – in different legislative fields, in different official policies and social services, and with a sensitive eye to cultural historical and institutional historical background and change over time.

2)  Considering the actual legal practices that have come out of recent legislation relevant to family lives.

3) Mapping similarities and differences between the Nordic countries in this respect and compare these to similar legislation and public policies in other parts of the world.

4) Registering and interpreting actual family practices in the Nordic hemisphere, as these are perceived and understood by the people who perform them.

5) Reflect on the dynamics at play when modern Nordic states formulate legislation and public policies relevant to family lives – and especially upon tacit historical influences upon family concepts in public moral.

6) Start discussing possible updates and changes for public policies related to family practices in the Nordic hemisphere.


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