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The Global & Transnational Law Research Group (GTLawReseachGroup)

Mission Statement, GTLAWresearchGROUP

The Global & Transnational Law Research Group (GTLawReseachGroup) was established in October 2016 as a research network under the Public Law Group of the AAU Department of Law. GTLAW will work towards becoming a formalized and registered research group by 2020 [achieved by end 2018], and eventually a full scale research centre.
The aim and purpose of the group is to establish a holistic framework for cooperation, discussion and information-sharing on issues pertaining to law beyond the national perspective, and to promote public and private international law within and without the AAU Department of Law.
While the focus of the group includes classical approaches to international law, emphasis is also put on new avenues and the interaction and synergy between international, regional and national law, including the issue of multi-regulatory sources of law.
More specifically, the group aims:

1. To overall boost the quantity and quality of international law teaching, researching and publishing activities under the auspices of the Department of Law.
2. To promote and support the ongoing process of ‘internationalization’ within the Department.
3. To enhance the quantity and quality of group member publications in international journals.
4. To establish multi-disciplinary and/or multi-actor projects funded externally in part or in full.
5. To organize and host national and international seminars and conferences with a view to share and generate cutting edge research and novel approaches pertaining to international law.

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