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Legal Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. Photo: Pixabay

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the term used when algorithms (software) are able to carry out tasks that previously required human intelligence. 

AI has made its entry in the legal field and is slightly beginning to transform the legal profession in a number of ways. For example is AI powered software already used e.g. in performing due diligence, in drafting generic contracts, in reviewing contracts, in managing contracts, in predicting legal outcomes and in legal research (platforms). Common to all these platforms is that they require a huge amount of legal data to be collected and qualified. Without an exhaustive collection of data within the chosen scope and without a clear and concise interpretation and categorization of the data collected the platform will not function properly.

Aalborg University, Department of Law, is carrying out initial research for the purpose of developing a legal AI methodology within the contractual field. The research is carried out with external parties. The research is based on a Danish law tradition.

Email: law@law.aau.dk