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Our Law School offers academically rich, challenging and well-structured degree programmes in both law and business law and are located in “Juraens Hus” (the law building)

Our Law School is experiencing a rapid growth in the number of courses taught in English. You can choose from a broad variety of subjects offered during the spring and autumn terms. The course programme is generally oriented toward the international legal framework but also includes reference to Danish and North Atlantic legal matters.

What kind of department will I be joining?

The Department of Law provides the setting for all legal research and tuition at Aalborg University (AAU) The department was established on 1 January 2008 concurrent with the initiation of the law programme at AAU. Business law, on the other hand, has been taught at AAU for over 25 years, and today our graduates are well placed in both the private and the public sectors.

Besides teaching on our own courses, our academic staff teach programmes at other faculties; more specifically courses in accountancy, public administration, chartered surveying and social work.

Our research covers a wide field of law and includes all of the traditional subjects such as contract law, corporate law, tort law, international law, constitutional and administrative law, tax law and European Union law. We also work with newer disciplines such as media law, IT law, human rights and social law.

A dynamic department with a pioneering spirit

As you may gather, our department of Law is both young and dynamic. Over the past two years, we have doubled the number of researchers in the department and we now have a total of 28 individuals with tenure. It is important to us that our tuition is research-based and of high quality.

All department staff members takes active part in professional networks within their fields of expertise, at national, Nordic, European and international levels. We pride ourselves on our pioneering spirit which gives both staff and students ample opportunity to devote themselves to subjects of their own choice.

The outside world is crucial to our work

Our department cooperates with legal practitioners as well as with 60 part-time staff from outside the university. We find that interaction with private business, law firms, courts, the prosecution service and public authorities promotes consistency between theory and praxis.

Due to our cooperation with the private sector, local public authorities and courts you will have the opportunity to experience the law in practice - first-hand.

Aalborg University

What kind of university is Aalborg University?

Aalborg University’s main campus is located in the city’s eastern district. However, we have departments all over the city and the pulse of university life can be felt everywhere.

We have approximately 19,000 students and 3,000 members of staff. Our university is a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution. We have succeeded in combining intense involvement in local, regional and national issues while actively pursuing international cooperation. There are 17,000 universities in the world and ours appears on several of the renowned, international ranking lists.

At Aalborg University, we offer educational programmes and research of outstanding quality in natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences, humanities and engineering. We also have elite programmes in specific fields. Our programmes are aimed at both the private and the public labour markets.

Testimonial of an exchange student

Jan Pajntar was Erasmus+ exchange student at Aalborg University the fall semester 2015. Jan visited Aalborg University from Ljubljana University, Slovenia.

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International Coordinator

Hanne Kragh
E-mail: international@law.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 8031  

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