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The Aalborg model for problem based learning (PBL)

Aalborg University (AAU) programmes are characterised by problem-based project work, applying the Aalborg model for problem based learning (PBL). The aim of the PBL model is to develop students’ ability to work with problems in teams and achieve results. Our Aalborg model has elicited interest from universities, researchers and students from Denmark and abroad.

However, we do not rest on our laurels. We continue to develop the model and to underpin our reputation as a world leader in problem based learning.

You will find that our model enables you to:

  • Work independently to acquire knowledge and skills at a high academic level
  • Work analytically, across disciplines and in a problem and result oriented manner
  • Cooperate with private business to solve authentic professional problems
  • Develop your ability to work in a team
  • Become well equipped for the international labour market.

Group work is, of course, characteristic for the way in which we work at AAU. It improves your academic level and helps you develop a useful network. The benefits are both academic and personal.

In general, the tone between students and teachers is informal. We are on first name terms and our students are welcome - in fact, expected - to introduce new ideas and ask questions in class.

More information about PBL

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